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Your path to experiencing the joy and fulfillment you've always desired.
Are You...
Struggling to find joy in your life?
Feeling like your life is happening to you?
Coasting through life on autopilot?
Feeling numb or emotionally disconnected from life?
Lacking confidence or belief that you can change?
Overwhelmed with grief or past emotion?
Worrying about WHO you're being in your life?
Then I’m excited to share my new book…
Your Journey Begins Within
When you read this book, you'll learn...
 To BELIEVE in yourself and that you CAN do anything.
 To feel more fulfilled, content, and at peace.
 To awaken your power of choice.
 To feel gratitude and see abundance everywhere.
 To give yourself permission to love and accept YOU.
 Who you want to be in your life
 How to LIVE each day Boldly Joyful!
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What people are saying about Traci...
Meeting & working with Traci has been LIFE changing! She gave me the confidence and push within my profession and lead with the most humble of souls! She taught me to prioritize my life, look towards the sun & to work my butt off for what I want! Now I’m running my own business!!!
Bianca Heasley
I have had the pleasure of working with Traci Blasko for sometime now and am so excited to share her with the world! She has a big heart, many words of wisdom and a graciousness that allows everyone to feel heard and accepted. She has supported me on my journey to find my authentic voice, and confidence in myself. I love how she helps me clarity things and opens me up to new ways of thinking.
Teresa Lisum
I didn't know how exhausted and burned out I was until I saw there was another way. Traci sparked the joy back into my life by helping me re-prioritize what was truly important. By helping me see more clearly, I have greater clarity and more ease and there is so much time in my life for things I've always wanted to do but felt either burned out or unable to do so. I feel the most courageous that I've ever felt in my life and I am grateful for Traci's mentoring that helped to clear the path for me to see my brilliance.
Maureen Lauer-Gatta
Traci Blasko
Author, Artist, Boldly Joyful Coach
Traci guides entrepreneurs struggling with exhaustion, numbness and self-doubt to grow and to see the value they offer. She helps them to recognize the importance of self care, of enjoying life, and that all things are possible for those willing to grow through life’s challenges and take the actions necessary to make things happen. 

From the time she was very young, she naturally found the joy in life, but struggled to find her purpose. Spending years trying to do the ‘right thing’, or what other people thought she should be doing, but felt unfulfilled.  After years of challenges, she felt numb and going through the motions of daily life which was far from who she wanted to be.  

She chose to work her way back to joy and create a life she LOVED!  No matter what! Choosing to push through her fear and overcome her self-doubt. That decision guided her on her path to authenticity, creating more fulfillment and gratitude than ever before.  She's now living her BOLDLY JOYFUL life!!!
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